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When Lucy sees a string, she can't resist giving it a yank. What does she find on the other end? 
A very big surprise..
"An imaginative entertaining tale of crafting and friendship.” —Kirkus

“Roeder works in a gray-black-white palette lit up by the yarn’s brilliant scarlet, and she paces the story’s panels and vignettes with care while exploring the full range of the yarn’s possibilities—dance partner, calligraphic script, building material, and more.” —Publishers Weekly

“Pair this with Watkins’ Pete with No Pants for some serious giggles.” —BCCB

“Hilarious…This perfect blend of words and pictures is sure to have kids chuckling and perhaps trying their own string creations.” —SLJ

“This delightful tale of unlikely friendship, cooperation, unisex dressing, and spontaneous creativity begs to be reread and shared!” —SLC
*An Amazon Best Book of August 2018
*2018 Writers League of Texas Book Picture Book Award Finalist

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